Noner Paper Target

Noner Paper Target

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This target design is the culmination of 25 years of training at a professional level both in Army Special Operations and as a civilian instructor. The target incorporates dimensions and scoring areas that will be easily understood and usable by both military and law enforcement as well as sport and recreational shooters. The foundation is the use of “Hit Factor” or points/time in sport shooting. That ratio can be looked at in two ways: points per second for sport or the speed at which energy is effectively applied to a threat.

The targets will be printed on paper that is the same color as masking tape available at any local store making it easy to source with less expensive readily available masking tape. This ensures that target accountability via consistent taping is easy and inexpensive. The center square is 4”x4” and is contained within a 6”x11” rectangle resembling the A-zone of a USPSA target. The next scoring area also resembles the area of the C-zone of a USPSA target. These comparable dimensions were chosen in order for shooters to use national-level data on speed and accuracy as a reference.

The 5-zone in the head is designed to give a surgical shot that is reasonable but will still replicate an effective engagement area for a threat incident. It is also very comparable to sport shooting areas in comparable the location. The neck line differentiates between an effective head area engagement and less effective and usually not planned neck area hit. The target is printed on paper to match standard masking tape for ease and cost effective repairs. Paper Target is sized on 20" x 32" paper. Shipped in tube mailers for a guaranteed safe delivery.