MBT, Portable Rifle Rated Bullet Trap

MBT, Portable Rifle Rated Bullet Trap

Defense Targets

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Designed and built by our staff here at Defense Targets, along with a little help and input from some our friends who still get to go do the “really fun stuff” for a living.

Built and intended to capture rounds at closer than usual distances with no risk of getting a ricochet or splatter.

Designed for up to NIJ-Level 8, 7.62MM FMJ, and Level 7, 5.56mm at 3383 FPS

Will greatly extend the wall life of those expensive shoot houses.

Our capture tray collects that dangerous lead dust, and all the splatter and jackets of the rounds.

Full 24” X 36” target face, with our unique 2” thick ballistic rated rubber face, with no face exposed hardware.

Rubber face is easily replaceable, lifespan will vary by type of rounds and grouping. (No tracer rounds)

If the need ever arises, the back AR-500 plate is easily replaceable as well.

Remember; the ballistic rubber does not stop the round, only captures the impact on the AR-500.

Assembly and disassembly is extremely simple, with no more than a multi-tool.

As always, practice safety and good common sense at all times when you have the bang stick out, you know the drill !!!!

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