Shadow 6 Know Your Limits

Shadow 6 Know Your Limits

Defense Targets

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The Shadow 6 Know Your Limits offers six variations of difficulty, from five inches down to a half inch. The 6in paddles are made of AR500 3/8in Rifle Rated Steel. The front is specially fitted with AR500 Armor to protect against rifle fire.

“Through all my travels as both a long-range precision shooter and instructor, I have always run into the same issue: targets not far enough out to challenge me or my equipment, or not being able to check my target and reset because of range restrictions. Knowing that the majority of ranges across the US are all 200 yards or less, I wanted to come up with a way to challenge myself and others even on a shorter range and with time restrictions on when you can go downrange. Combining the different elements of a dueling tree and a Know Your Limits rack, I designed a system that will give any shooter on even a 50 yard range the ability to test themselves as well as their equipment. By having to make a precise shot to expose the flapper on this one of a kind target system, a shooter can quickly determine their abilities with this system.  While using this target, only truly “nothing but net” hits will activate the flipper allowing them to easily see what their capability is and reset the entire target without leaving the bench. Whether it is testing your cold bore, consistency, or trying to determine the TRUE MOA value of your, rifle, ammo, or scope combined, this target system will give you unbiased, real-time feedback analysis of what your potential is. Using it as a tie-breaker in a match, this system can be used “shot for shot” to determine a winner. As a training tool, PRS shooters can quickly assess their hold abilities using different positions by seeing which MOA value hold they are regularly able to stay within consistently. Hunters can decide what load or ammunition they want to use by seeing just how small of a circle they can remain within, giving them a reality check or confirming they can keep that heart shot true every time. This target will give you or your range the ability to keep shooters engaged while the line is “hot.” and reduce downtime by having to walk downrange to see where you are hitting.  This target will give ANY shooter a tool to keep them as sharp as they wish, with multitudes of uses with just a little imagination. In my opinion, this is the most useful target you can have on any range, especially, where distance is limited.” 

 Shadow 6 Consulting

James Gilliland, US Army (Ret)  (RLTW)